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Why join the Coworkbooking movement?

Why join the Coworkbooking movement?

The movement aims to make people happier at work by bringing them together - We believe working from inspiring places surrounded by inspiring people is the key to achieving this goal.

If you are a coworking space

We are a unique platform that is connecting coworking spaces with digital nomads, startups, corporate clients and independent workers.

It is estimated that in 2020 there will be 1 billion people working remotely. Our goal is to bring these remote workers together into inspirational coworking spaces.

We want to give members equal opportunities: create a central hub for coworking spaces around the world, so that each member can easily compete with larger competitors on a fair playing field.

Bringing new members into your space has never been so easy.


If you are a digital nomad


Last summer my friend spent hours trying to find an ideal coworking space in Portugal. She had specific requirements, as she is a dog owner, so it was not easy for her to find an ideal spot from where she could work.

This is how the idea of coworkbooking was born.

We want to keep things easy - since we believe less is sometimes more. You can find all the necessary information conveniently in one place with the push of a button.