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What changes have coworking spaces made following the COVID-19 outbreak? Read about the COVID-19 ready badge.
Meet the team

Meet the team

Tech geeks, punks, travelers. That’s us.

Our whole team is dedicated to one simple goal:
To make people happier at work. We strongly believe the old economy working habits are dead and through CoworkBooking.com we strive to change how 4 billion of global workforce will operate in near future.
Jiri “Opik” OpletalJiri “Opik” OpletalCo-founder
Marek “Caj” TumaMarek “Caj” TumaCo-founder, CTO
Jan “Mak” DohnalJan “Mak” DohnalCo-founder, Developer
Jan “Adam” StrouhalJan “Adam” StrouhalDoctor Poet, Developer
Pavla KadičPavla KadičCustomer Care
Michal BohacMichal BohacLead Programmer