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Betahaus Barcelona / Europe / Spain / Barcelona

Betahaus Barcelona

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Betahaus is a coworking space for entrepreneurs and creative professionals born under the “perpetual beta” principle. Betahaus is open code, undone, incomplete and always changing.

You can find us here

7 Carrer de Vilafranca, Barcelona, Spain


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  • patrick martpatrick mart06 Jun 20188.3Good location, good coworkers, good wifiThe chill out zone and working space should be devided, it happened to me that I wanted to play table tennis and people next to me wanted to work. They are not so dog friendly as they claim to be.
  • Sarah Sarah 31 May 20188.2met nice people here good vibe nicely furnished table tennisexpensive
  •  .29 May 20188.6
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