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Cocohub Malta - Coliving x Coworking x Friends


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We are friends. Just funny and open-minded people who got tired of working in Germany and Ireland. During our own travel and while spending more than one year on the island we discovered Malta as the perfect place for people who are not bound to a fixed workplace and immediately felt in love with this beautiful island. That’s why we opened the first Coworking-Coliving-Community in Malta. CoCoHub. In one of the most beautiful areas of Malta, we created this inspiring working environment. Whether you work inside or at our open-air workspace: Who needs motivational quotes if you are staying in one of the most welcoming and beautiful communities with the 24/7 ability to grind?

You can find us here

27 Tramuntana, Birgu, Malta


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  • Malgorzata T.Malgorzata T.2018/06/018.3Amazing place, I felt like home here. Very stylish place!
  •  .2018/05/299.7
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