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COVID-19 Ready Badge

COVID-19 Ready Badge

This badge assures you that coworking spaces are prepared for the post-COVID era. It informs you about all the precautions and restrictions each coworking space has made following the COVID-19 outbreak.


You can find various  coworking spaces with the COVID-19 READY badge on our site. It means these spaces have made some changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak to be as safe ase possible. Such as more frequent sanitization or maintaining social distance.

You can see all the changes on the detail page of each coworking space and you can filter these COVID-19 READY spaces in  the list.




What is the badge?

The COVID-19 READY badge is a special label for coworking spaces that have made some precatuions following the COVID-19 outbreak (more frequent sanitization etc.). It makes coworkers feel safer and informed. 

covid-badge-list.png (width 670px)
The COVID-19 READY badge on the list of the coworking spaces. [1]


covid-badge-detail.png (width 670px)
The COVID-19 READY info on  the detail page of your coworking  space.  [2]


 cwb-thumb-covid-badge-male2.png (width 670px)

The COVID-19 READY Badge when you insert it to your website. [3]


How can we get the badge?

Getting the badge is simple - you just need to fill in the changes you've made. 
1. Go to the Setting of your Facilities in your account. If you're not registered with us yet, feel free to do it here.
2. Fill in the info under the section COVID-19 Precautions and click "Next."
3. Congrats! You just got the badge! It will be automatically displayed on the detail page of your coworking space and the list of all spaces. 

Bonus: You can add the badge to your website [3] and let your potential customers know your space is prepared and safe.


Is the badge for free?

Yes, it's completely for free. And it will be.


Why should I have it?

Many people are wondering how the situation looks like in the coworking spaces. By presenting this badge, you give them precious information and make them feel safe.

If you have any questions, contact our manager Kristina.