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Genius Café Sanur / Asia / Indonesia / Bali

Genius Café Sanur


Genius Café is a series of coworking cafes, where entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, education, wellbeing and care for the environment meetup. We are home for the new generation of entrepreneurs: those who take their businesses on the move, remotely or on a global scale, seek to constantly grow and want to strike a perfect work/life balance. Genius Café is a platform for entrepreneurs to unleash and cultivate their talents, learn new skills, and network with other like-minded Geniuses.Our Bali hubs are only the beginning of what is growing into a world network of Entrepreneur Beach Clubs that provide mentoring, events, and a meeting place for entrepreneurs in some of the most breathtaking locations. From exotic African safari to sandy Thai beaches, we’re creating spaces that re-define the way we live and work, while, also bringing positive change to our environment. Entrepreneur Beach Clubs is a new venture and an organic development of Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts. At the moment we have 2 Genius Cafes open: Genius Cafe Sanur and Genius Cafe Vision at Vision Villa Resort in Gianyar. More are coming soon and you’ll be the first one to know about our next location this year!

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Pantai Mertasari, Sanur, Sanur Kauh, Bali, Indonesia


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